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We had a reported issue whereby outbound calls were receiving a recording from AT&T saying ‘Thank you for accessing the AT&T network …’.  The caller would be given an option to press a number and be transferred to an AT&T representative who would report that the call had been had a billing block on it and then they would transfer the caller to the intended party.[1]



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Resolution Summary - OoooohEdit

The issue is due to AT&T putting a block on all calls associated with a specific BTN (Billing Telephone Number). The BTN might be associated with a single or multiple circuits. To identify which BTN has the block, dial 800-223-1104 from the station(s) that are receiving this intercept message and enter the PIN 910777. The BTN will be announced.

To clear the blocking, call the AT&T Account Verification group at 800-662-1887, provide the blocked BTN and request they remove the block. It should about 10-20 minutes to have the block removed. If after 10-20 minutes the problem still occurs, follow the same process to identify the blocked BTN and remove the block. Contact the AT&T Service Manager to get the MCN, bill group and site ID for each BTN affected.

To prevent future occurrences, an order needs to be placed with HPES Carrier Invoice and Inventory Management to correct the billing. Provide each BTN, MCN, bill group and site ID.


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